Landed Properties

In land scare Singapore, landed properties will always be seen as the blue chip of property investment. All things aside, when you own a house on a piece of land, you effectively own a gold mine that has the potential to yield pots of gold in the years to come.

Due to the limited amount of land space in our country, landed properties are scares as the government generally releases very few land parcel for such uses. It is also not in the best interest of the government to increase the number of land parcels for the development of landed properties as such a move would not maximize the economic returns on land.

Thus, while landed properties are the dream of many Singaporeans, the supply of landed homes is generally shrinking as many of the older developments would eventually make way for small boutique or other new condo projects. In other word, a cluster of landed homes would be very much sought after by developers who buy them over and convert them into mid-sized condo projects.

Investing in landed property requires you to take the slow cooker approach, you need to be able to hold onto the property long enough to see a substantial return. As such, whenever you decide to buy a piece of landed property, you need to be absolutely clear that you are going with a long term view and not short-term, speculative view.

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