Things to consider before you renovate

Getting the keys to your new condo sure is exciting. You intend to hack a wall down, reconstruct certain area in the apartment and many more great plans but hold on.. Here are some tips for you to consider before executing your huge plans and get your contractor in.


If you are moving into a newly TOP condo, make sure to go through the process of defect correction with the developer. After you collect they keys, you can highlight flaws and defects to the developer, and they have a month to rectify them. Common defects include poorly installed fixtures, hollow floors, stiff sliding doors and peeling veneers. Be thorough. Make sure you open every door and tap the floor in sections. You should only proceed to renovate after the developer has done the necessary repairs, because they will not be held responsible for defects once the renovation process begins.


Most condo management committees and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) will restrict homeowners from building additions that will permanently affect the facade of the building, such as permanent awnings or covering up the balcony. Hacking into permanent walls are also a no-no, and committees will often require homeowners to build false ceilings to install lighting and cabling, for instance, rather than ripping into the concrete.

Remember that you’ll usually need to get some form of approval from the committee before renovations can commence, so familiarize yourself with what you can or cannot do to avoid the hassle of altering your plans and any renovation delays.


Homeowners, especially those who move into the smaller one plus one or two bedorom units often take down non-permanent walls to increase the size of their bedrooms or living rooms. If you are a newly wed first time buyer or are intending to expand your family in the medium term, you might find yourself either selling the unit or renting it our for extra income while you move into  larger unit.

In such cases, you might find that what you can ask for the unit might not be as high as what you expected, because such alterations do reduce the perceived value of the unit. Re-building the walls again would also be a cost prohibitive measure.

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